Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Annoying Kids...

Although as parents we dearly love our children, do you ever find them to be a bit annoying? It is not that they are being outright defiant or disobedient, but that their behavior just isn't what you desire to see in them.

Oftentimes, our children don't realize they are being annoying, but this comes from which hasn't learned how to pick up on the social cues or restrain behavior as much as we'd like. But these children need more than just time to grow up. They need concentrated work to develop two character qualities: self-control and sensitivity. These qualities not only help children when they're young, but they become tools for success as children get older.

Here are some working definitions for sensitivity and self-control to get you started with your children in this area:

Self-control is the ability to control myself so that Mom and Dad don't have to.

Self-control means to think before I act.

Self-control is the ability to talk about problems instead of grabbing, pushing, or hitting.

Self-control means that I limit the noises I make when others are around.

Self-control means that I focus on one thing until it gets done, before I move to the next.

Sensitivity means that when I walk into a room I look and listen before I speak.

Sensitivity is thinking about how my actions are affecting other people.
Sensitivity means thinking about how I could help someone else.

*Received through the Effective Parenting Tip sponsored by: The National Center For Biblical Parenting

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  1. Wonderfully stated! I've been working on these issues with one of my children. Very affectionate child, but not aware of others. Thanks for sharing the information.


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