Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just For the Joy of It – Boys and Baseball

Good, True & Beautiful

Until I had children, I had very little interest in sports.  That hasn’t changed very much, except for when my children are involved.  Through the years, baseball  seemed to be the chosen sport for my boys.  And, as time went on, it has grabbed onto my heart also! 
Here is my youngest who plays little league ball:
baseball 022 baseball 035 baseball 036

Even though the older boys are way past their little league days, they still love to play. Here they are practicing on the church softball team:
My middle son:
ABC ball 011
ABC ball 021
ABC ball 024

My oldest son:
ABC ball 017
ABC ball 027
ABC ball 033
My  baseball boys bring me joy!


  1. Wow - great pictures. I love the expressions..such intensity..on their faces! So, does momma hit a ball?? I, personally, am a support you in the stands kinda mom:)

  2. I am not a sports fan either but my daughter has been playing softball for the last three years and man I get fired up when it comes to watching her play ball. Love the pictures.

  3. Just sat in the freezing cold tonight while a daughter had softball practice and a son had a baseball game. I love watching them play. I need to buy winter boots, but I love being there to support them. Great pics!

  4. Great shots! I always dreamed of having a little girl who would wear pink and ruffles and have beautiful curly hair.

    Well I have 3 wonderful sons - and I have learned to love baseball! (We had some short stints of football and basketball as well).

    I became the team photographer for my sons travel baseball team (he is 13) 4 or so years ago - so I shoot about 300 pictures a game. It is what got me into photography. The thrill of stopping the ball at the bat!

    I didn't get a girl - but my youngest has such tight curls - we have no idea where they came from - the other boys have wavy hair like my husband - but mind is stick straight! So funny! So I have a myriad of hair care tools in my house - gel, mouse, straighteners! Who would have thought - with boys!!


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