Monday, May 17, 2010

Making Your Home Sing - What's the Norm?

Making your home sing Mondays

Have you ever noticed how people tend to get grouped together by their habits?  I tend to run with the "late crowd".  Although I'm not late to where everything has already started, my arrival is usually a bit "breathless".  Meaning that I have pushed, prodded and herded the family out the door, drove quickly in a harried state of mind to arrive at my destination just in the nick of time!  I notice that I arrive with many of the same people day after day to school, sports practices and church. 

Usually when I arrive it takes a minute to slow the pace down and get focused.  I notice the ones who have arrived earlier are cheerfully fellowshipping and much more relaxed. On occasion, I have been on the other end of the spectrum, planned, prepared and on time and it honestly felt great!  But as routines relax, I fall back into the normal wait to the last minute trap.

The term "new normal" is one that is used after a major life change disrupts a family's schedule.  It takes adjustment and planning to find the "new normal" or adapt to the new schedule.  Many of our habits can be deeply rooted and although we may want to change up or improve a few things, it takes breaking into a "new normal" for true change to come.  A "new" way of planning, thinking and determination to change.  

My plan for my home and life this week, is to evaluate some things that don't seem to be working well for us and find ways to improve to a "new normal".  Targets may be - better meal planning, being on time, a more pleasant attitude and a joyful spirit.  

Are there any "new normals" you would like to see in your home?


  1. Great idea. We need to create a New Normal around here too. And I tend to be "breathless" also.

  2. New Normals can be a true challenge - life's different phases can often push us into new normals...even if we aren't ready. However, God is faithful - and trying to embrace each phase...and establish "new normals" can be exciting, too!

  3. Yours sound great to me! I have not been doing much meal planning lately.

    I also find myself living on the edge of lateness myself sometimes too! Thanks for linking up today.

  4. Need some new normals around here, too, with better attitudes, scheduling, and making time for quiet times. Thank you for this reminder!

    Have a great day!

  5. I could work on all of those things myself except the late part. I'm always the early bird. LOL!


  6. I'd like to get back into my old normal. My daughter had a week off from school a few weeks back where I didn't have to get up early to wake her up for school. Now my whole chedule has shifted and I find I go back to bed once I'm sure she's ready. Therefore I find I end up staying up later at night and I feel like my day is starting late. I just need ot force myself to go to bed earlier at night to get back to the old "new" normal.

  7. The "new normal" would be the "organized normal" I have been seeking after for decades. Still trying to streamline home and activities so it sails more smoothly around here. Continuing to get rid of stuff that might be clogging the effeciency arteries around here!

  8. New normal was the "new life" we all had here in our town after the Colgan air, Continental Airlines flight 3407 plane crashed 3 houses away from ours on February 12, 2009. It was all we kept hearing - how life would never be the same again - and they were right - Flight 3407 changed everything for many in my town, not to mention the lives of the families across the country who lost family members when everyone on the flight perished.

    We live right under the approach for the Buffalo Niagara Falls International Airport, and planes fly overhead all of the time - all day and night. But you never expect one to crash outside your door.

    IT has been over a year now - but everytime I hear a plane going overhead - I stop what I am doing and wait. It is a scary "new normal" for us.


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