Monday, May 24, 2010

Making Your Home Sing

Making your home sing Mondays


This was the message on a church billboard in our town recently.  It immediately found a place in my heart and begin stirring around.  I loved these words and their message and rose to the challenge of evaluating myself in light of them.  Of course church service was the area that I thought about with these qualities. There is not an abundance of these traits displayed in today's church, but they are the things that create the core or backbone of the church.  As a church member, I should strive to be faithful, dedicated and committed.

This weekend these words came to mind again, for my home.  All weekend they kept coming back so for today's Making Your Home Sing, I'm thinking of some ways to put these characteristics to work in the home.

Faithful:  Of course I love my home!  I am faithful to it.  But if something fun comes up or an activity infringes on my cleaning or caring for the home, the natural choice is to do what is more enjoyable.  We all have probably came back from those fun times to find our home neglected and a week is needed for home catch up.  Being faithful doesn't mean all work and no play, it is just putting the order of the home first, then playing!

Dedicated:  Every home is different and every home maker has a plan for the home.  I like an organized, clean home with an  atmosphere of peace, love and order.  It takes dedication for this to come about!  Dedicating my time, effort and energy is the only way to make this happen.

Committed:  Distractions can pull our focus a million other places than to things that we commit to. Unexpected activities always crop up along with unplanned repairs and an every abundance of opportunities. are always there to take our eyes off what we are focused on  These things are a part of life and will run us round and round in circles if we let them!  Being committed is the practice of staying focused  regardless of what is going on around us.  It is a constant checking and keeping of our priories and when conflicts arise, it is making the right choice.  It is reminding ourselves where our heart is and showing our family we are committed to that. 

These traits are not cheap and they do not come quickly or easy.  Sometimes they come about through tough choices and saying no to things we desire.  But these traits when they grow and develop in our lives, our homes and our churches will bring an abundance of blessings and shine as an example for the next generation to see and carry on.   May we begin in the home and then through our daily lives outside the home to be faithful, dedicated and committed. Our homes and lives will sing!


  1. Definitely three beautiful - and powerful - so many areas!! Great post - and I love your new look:)

  2. I love what you said here: "These traits are not cheap and they do not come quickly or easy. Sometimes they come about through tough choices and saying no to things we desire."

    No, they don't come quickly or easily, but by saying "no" when we need to we develop the discipline to persevere.

    Faithfullness develops dedication, and dedication develops commitment, and saying "no" develops faithfulness!

    Thank you for linking up today. I did not see a courtesy link back to my blog, so if you could add that it'd be great. That way your readers could see what everyone has posted. Thank you!

  3. Love how you applied these traits to the home! These days I'm working on my commitment to be the mom I need to be, which means choosing time with my children over blogging or other computer-related activities. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Great post! Definitely need to be more mindful of these.


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