Monday, May 10, 2010

A Mother’s Day To Be Continued…

mothers day 063

Mother’s Day was again, a beautiful day!  A day to be thankful for the influence and love that I received and carry on from my mother while she was still here, a day to reflect with thanksgiving for a wonderful mother in law, who sets the example for her daughter in laws and granddaughters of a gracious Christian wife and mother.  And the greatest blessing of being blessed with three gifts from the Lord.

Mother’s Day was filled with appreciation for mothers, kind words, kind actions, gifts and expressions of love.  While basking in the aura of Mother’s Day, I am aware that I have many shortcomings as a mother, many areas that I would like to see improve.  More grace, less impatience, more kindness, less sharp tones, more wise words, less negative attitudes, more love expressed and less irritation and busyness etc.  I fall short in many areas, but thankfully know where to go to get some advice.

Proverbs 31.  The chapter most of us women wish we were like!  This woman does everything right and has every area of her life covered with grace, elegance, wisdom and is truly a treasure. I certainly don’t measure up, but I do love to read this chapter with an open mind and heart, allowing the Lord to do the work He alone can do, I am well on my way to being a better wife and mother.

So…this day after Mother’s Day, I am challenged and encouraged to seek to continue in the quest to be a Proverbs 31 woman!  Will you join me? 

mothers day 062

*Missing one son, who had to work!*


  1. Great photos!! I am joining you - even as the nest becomes empty around here...I still want the challenge to be the best mother I can be - to support my (too) grown children and their families, to be an example and able to provide wisdoem and encouragement - and to be the best Mimi, as well! Thanks for the encouragement!!

  2. A beautiful post! I am right there with you as well. It is so easy for me to pick out the speck in everyone else's eyes - when i have a log in mine. I'd like to get to the point where I am the complete opposite. Finding the joy and the positives in everyone and encouraging them with a humble and gracious heart. Being an example for them to see how Jesus would treat everyone - including those nearest and dearest to me.


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