Monday, June 14, 2010

Completing Him Challenge

Today is the beginning of a weekly summer marriage enrichment challenge "Completing Him".   Today's session provides the opportunity to share about the early dating days of each couple.

When I reflect about our dating days, I can see the redemptive and redeeming hand print of God in my life.  There is no doubt that it was His grace that brought my husband and I together.  I was a 14 year old girl that came from a dysfunctional family, seeking to find her own way, but somehow caught up with the wrong crowd and involved in things that would take me down a wrong and painful path of life if continued.  

My husband was a country boy through and through, raised by a wonderful family and trained with integrity, hard work, responsibility.   Only the Lord could have brought us together, we ran in different circles, had different friends and lifestyles.  But one day on the school bus, we seemed to "click".  Then he called my home and came over for a visit.

Since I was only 14 and not allowed to date, many days were spent getting to know one another in my front yard!  He patiently came to my house for two years as we grew in our friendship and love.  My parents came to know him well and loved him.  They sensed the stability and structure that he was bringing into my life.

Finally I turned 16 and we were able to date!  This is the picture from my high school senior prom:


We continued to date for a few more years and my former life and ways fell by the wayside under his good influence!  One year before we got married we began attending church with his his family and on the same night felt the convicting call of the Holy Spirit to surrender our lives to Christ and become Christians.  What a blessing and gift it was to begin our marriage with the joined purpose to create a godly home. 

This week we will celebrate 21 years of marriage!  Our family has been blessed with three sons, lots of memories and fun along with some trying times and some heartaches.  But God has been faithful and His grace and peace have given us everything we need to continue moving forward.  

In our marriage, we are at a point where the children are getting more independent and we are able to enjoy a little bit of free time together.  As most mothers and wives know, it is very easy to get caught up in the everyday duties and tasks of keeping a home and raising children and sometimes the husband gets a little neglected!  One of my goals through this summer challenge is to bring a fresh beauty and breath of fresh air to our marriage, to remind him how special he is and how blessed I am to be his wife!


  1. 21 years of marriage! Congratulations!

    Please join me at my HELLO, HANDSOM! Blog Party June 21 - July 21

    Homemaker Honey

  2. What a wonderful story! Congrats on 21 years of marriage!

  3. What a great story! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Thanks for visiting my sight! and what a blessing it was to read about your beginnings as a couple... God SURELY was there, directing you guys to each other and to Him!! I came from a dysfunctional family, too... so neat that God's grace can give you a new beginning and a chance to have a family after His own heart!

    Blessings to you!

  5. Wonderful! Your story reminds me a little of Hosea. What a terric guy you have... and you're a true beauty. Incredible that you've known each other most of your lives. WOW!

  6. Its been so much fun reading week 1 posts! Glad to meet you and glad to see another prom picture (thats what I used too)

    And Happy Anniversary!


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