Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Joy of Summer Camp

Good, True & Beautiful

Let me begin with the bad news….as a child, I never experienced summer camp.  I was a homebody that was too attached to my family to even go on overnight trips, much less a week of summer camp. 
I never experienced the closeness of sharing a room with 10 or more other girls, never shared the fun friends have together roaming through the camp, swimming together, playing games or studying God’s Word together.  Never knew what fun it was to giggle in the cabin late into the night, to wake up and know that the fun would continue for a few more days….
Until my boys were old enough to attend church camp and they needed some counselors for the girls cabin!  I volunteered to go a few years ago and have been a faithful, yearly camper for about 4 years now.  Now there were a lot of adjustments to watching over a group of girls when I was used to only boys with my three sons. 

But last week these were my constant buddies:
Camp 2010 001
They were one fun loving bunch and kept the week…interesting!
Camp 2010 035
Along with a lot of girls, there was a lot of stuff:
Camp 2010 039
These were my co-counselors: 
This was the first day of camp….we looked pretty perky!
Camp 2010 002
This was later in the week after a few late nights and early mornings:  I think we were wilting a bit!
Camp 2010 037
There is a wonderful bond that is formed when friends serve together in a common ministry.  Lifelong memories are made and a part of each person is etched deeply in the heart.  You ladies are the best!
What a blessing it was to have a full week of joy! 


  1. Oh, this was a sweet story. Reminds me of my summer camps growing up. How special for you to hang out with the girls for a change. I'm sure you were a terrific counselor! Loved reading this.
    (stopping by from Just for the Joy of it.)

  2. I thought your post was going to be about the JOY of sending your kids to camp, because I know I would seriously have some JOY with sending my kids right now. LOL That is great though that you are a counsellor! Stopping by from Good, True & Beautiful! :)

  3. My older son loved camp; my younger son was a homebody and didn't like it at all! I loved girlscout camp as a kid.

  4. I've been attending camp with our youth for five years now. We leave in a week and can barely wait!

  5. I had never thought about being a counselor when my son went to camp. I love the idea. It looks like you had a wonderful time

  6. You don't look wilted a bit! So glad you had another great week this year:) And don't you just love all the STUFF that girls bring along to camp. And then the boys have at least half that much (and of the half their mommas make them bring, they only use a fourth!) But girls need every stuffed animal from their bed:) Cute memories!!

  7. summer camp was my life. my parents ran one from age 5 to age 10. then i attended many on my own as a middle school and high school kid. each one left lasting marks on my spirit. now, dare i say it, i would LOVE to be a camp counselor!

  8. What a fun idea for a mom of boys! You sound like a lot of fun!


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