Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just For the Joy Of It – Four Wheeling…

Good, True & Beautiful

This week while I was visiting a nearby relative, I noticed some beautiful flowers blooming in her yard. Sensing a photo opportunity, I later asked my husband to take me back up there on the four wheeler. 
As any busy wife and mother knows, finding time alone with the husband can be a rare treat.  He obliged my request and off we went on the four wheeler, me holding onto his back, the wind in our face, sun to our back for a few minutes of together time!

Flowers 038 copy
Then he patiently waited while I snapped some pictures:

Flowers 009
Flowers 017 copy
Flowers 019
Flowers 021
Flowers 037
Then we came back home and captured the moment with a few photos, courtesy of our youngest:

Flowers 039
Spontaneous rides and capturing nature’s beauty brought me much joy this week!


  1. I love taking pictures of flowers and nature in general...I love the pictures you took. They are gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Lovely hydrangeas and daylilies! Found you through Friday with Friends at Jennifer's place. It is nice to meet you.

  3. I love snowball bushes! That sounds like fun! I forgot how free you could feel riding on the four wheeler. I am going to have to ask my husband to fix ours!

  4. I LOVE hydrangeas...great pictures! Can honestly say I've never been four wheeling but it sure looks like fun:) Like that picture of the two of you!

  5. I love those little moments with my husband--good for you that enjoy and appreciate your's!

  6. Lovely flowers....I have hydrangeas favorite flower I think! It's always fun to take off with our spouse on spontaneous adventures....joyfull indeed!

  7. Those hydrangeas are OUTSTANDING! Fabulous shots, Joyfull.

    (You two look so cute together on that vehicle!) ღ


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