Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Word Filled Wednesday – Complete…


And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist.  Colossians 1:17


Do you ever have those days or weeks when it seems you can’t hold everything together?  Perhaps it is from being busy with an overload of tasks.  It may be an emotional overload, problems, trials, issues that seem to overwhelm at times. Sometimes we experience heartache and pain that may make us feel like we are falling apart. 

This verse is a powerful reminder that Jesus is before all things and through Him and in Him all things consist.  He is in control and He can hold our situation and us together.  There is nothing too hard for Him, He knows where we are and He already knows the outcome.  We can rest easy…we are in “God’s hands”. 


  1. Thanks for such a comforting post.

  2. So thankful He is able to hold me together as I depend on HIm to do so. In the seeming chaos of the world, I need reminders that He is sovereign and in control of it all. Love that verse!!! thank you.

  3. Praise God that He knows and sees all. Giving it to God is the best thing we can do as He can give us the rest and peace we need.

    Have a blessed day!

  4. Awww, what a wonderful place to rest in Him...beautiful picture, truly captures the point of the verse!

  5. that was so very comforting to read! god is so good, isn't he?

  6. So thankful that it's not even necessary for me to try to hold things together. He keeps me and it. Thanks for the reminder today.

  7. Thankful that God is all in all; is and was and is to be. Isn't it a comfort to be in his capable hands?

    Linda J

  8. Beautiful! Thanks for your WFW!

  9. Lovey picture and thoughts. I had a friend say she is anxious....and I just wanted to say all those things that you have said to Him there is no cause for fact to me it is often a yellow light of caution.


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