Thursday, July 8, 2010

Before and After Pictures

I recently went to church summer camp and captured some shots of a beautiful sunrise.  My timing and lighting were off I guess, but thanks to a little bit of editing with Photoshop Elements, I think they could be keepers!

Before – Nice, but the color is drab:
Camp 2010 005
After – with some color and brightening:
Camp 2010 005 copy
Before – not too bad, but kind of dark…
Camp 2010 024
After – used some sunlight edits to add some brightness and sunshiny feel!
Camp 2010 024 copy
Before:  This one was fun to play with:
Camp 2010 011
After with some sharpening and brightening
Camp 2010 011 copy
Then with a sepia look
sunrise sepia


  1. Great edits! I think you hit the mark on all of them. Here is my entry.

  2. I love taking pics! I am getting a new camera soon and I want to learn how to make them look great like you do....gorgeous!

  3. Fun fotography! I love sepia-toned pics. So nostalgic. ღ

  4. Great edits! I love how you brought the pictures more to life.

  5. They are all wonderful edits! Great job!

  6. loooooove the sepia look on the last one!!! great shots!!

  7. I love them alll but I do love the sepia one. it looks so inviting!


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