Thursday, July 22, 2010

Let the Good Times Roll…

My hope and inspiration for this blog is to encourage women to be all that they can be in the Lord.  It is from experience and a humble heart that I can say…God can change hearts and lives.  If He did it in me..he can do it in you!  I love to share from God’s Word and from what He has taught me. 

Most things are shared through everyday, ordinary life.  But probably not often enough do I share FUN!  Recently our fabulous neighbors hosted a surprise party for their 16 year old son.  Our children “live” at each other’s houses and we always feel at home with each other’s families.  As we celebrated with family, friends, kids, teenagers, the church youth group, it was a time to fellowship and enjoy one another in a wholesome celebration full of fun!  Thanks T & K for opening your home and being a great blessing!

So…while the “cool” teenage boys sat around…looking cool:


The girls had a blast:  At first, we weren’t too sure…


But then we loosened up:


And had some FUN:

Since this was a family event, even the husband joined in on the fun:



Laughter and fun refresh the soul and bond us together with joy.  Thank you Lord, for great family, friends and fun!


  1. Love your smiles!! Really does look like a lot of fun - I love fun with good friends..and how wonderful that some of your best friends are even your neighbors!

    Glad you are joining tomorrow - but do have a great time at the beach! (wonder which one you will pick)??? Always enjoy when you stop by the blog:)

  2. BTW - I would love to be included for the chance at CSN shopping gift...I would surely get something for the house - and I really liked looking through the wall clocks. I would love to have an oversized one for our living room - for a wall that I really have nothing else for..and a big clock would be great. They are kinda pricey so $50 would be great!! Please enter me:) Thanks.

  3. I love to see people laughing... funny how watching other people laugh always makes me feel like laughing too!!!

    Glad you had so much fun at the surprise party. ღ


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