Saturday, July 10, 2010

Making Sunday Special

Today is my favorite kind of Saturday.  There is the perfect balance of activity and leisure time.  There is time to clean and do the needed chores around the house without rush and then a fun activity for the family tonight.  I love days like this because they allow me to "prepare for Sunday". 

Sundays should be the most special day of the week, but to make them special, it takes some planning.  Sunday is to modern day Christians known as the Sabbath.  The Sabbath day was ordained by God to cease from labor and put God above all things and worship Him.  In our busy lives today, a day set aside to rest is vital not only to our health, but also to our spiritual lives.  As Christians, we need a day to set aside the cares of the world and reflect with our minds and hearts how great our God is.  Often times we work around obstacles such as jobs, family, friends and activities that intrude upon a spacious day of rest.  But if we purpose to keep activities to a minimum, we can strive to make Sundays special.

Since worship is why the Sabbath is created, the most important part of Sunday should be to attend church.  This should be decided the day before, or better yet, an established habit.  Sunday morning at 7:30 AM, when we are snug in our beds is not the best time to look to the spouse and say "Are we going to church today?"  Comfort and convenience will most likely win out!  But that can be counteracted by setting the alarm and getting up with the purpose to go to church. 

Ahead of time preparation will be your friend on Sunday morning.  Clothes laid out (complete with matching socks, shoes and belts!!) , breakfast planned, Bibles ready and a plan for lunch will help Sunday mornings go smoother. 

After church, a special lunch whether home-cooked or at a restaurant with family and perhaps friends can be a thing to look forward to each week.  Planning something special to do can also make the afternoon special.  Swimming in the summer and walking in the cooler seasons are things my family likes to do.  We have great memories of a family hike by the river (when the teenagers liked to do things with the parents!) or swimming together.  Nowadays, it is more likely to be all of us in the living room watching a sport on TV.  But it is the being together that makes the day special whatever the activity! 

Sundays are special and with a little planning, they can make lasting memories and hopefully traditions can be carried on into the lives of other generations. 


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  1. Wonderful post! Sundays are special in our house too. I serve a more elaborate Sunday dinner every week, and we try to plan the day's activities with church in mind. I really love Sundays because they are restful but worshipful... truly a day set apart from the rest of the week. ღ


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