Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Marriage Monday - Becoming Joined To the In Laws...

It seems lately that things I've participated in are mostly marriage related!  Perhaps I need a lot of help to be  a better wife!! When I saw the topic for this month's Marriage Monday, I knew I needed to jump in on this one.  "The Wisdom of Our Elders is Welcome (in Small Doses)" is an opportunity to share about joining families together and how we entwined our lives not only with the husband, but also with his family. 

I have freely shared in the past how blessed I am that God placed me into this family. As a mother to teenage boys presently, I have an even greater appreciation for my in laws and the grace and kindness they extended to me years ago.   My husband came from a wholesome, simple country living family.  I was a city girl who was running with the wrong crowd and came from a very dysfunctional family.  Only God's grace could have matched my husband and I!  I"m sure my mother in law must have cringed when her son brought me over!  But she accepted me with love and grace and lived out the example of a godly wife and mother before me, which was something I had never seen modeled before. 

Due to the influence of my in laws, my husband and I though we were still dating, began to attend church.  The Holy Spirit convicted us that we were sinners and on the same night, we accepted the Lord Jesus as our Savior.  We purposed together and planned to live out a committed Christian marriage. 

Through the years, my appreciation and admiration for my in laws continues to grow.  They live close by to us and are very involved in our lives, but are never intrusive.  They offer wise counsel when consulted and offer abundant love and support to their grandchildren.  Through the years they offer practical wisdom for everyday living from cooking, keeping a home, raising children, living responsible and wholesome through simple country life, but they mostly walk beside us and show us the ways.  So, truly their wisdom is welcome and they offer it in small doses, but truly walk the walk and model for us how wisdom works and that is something we want generations to come to pattern after. 

His mercy extends to those who fear him, from generation to generation.  Luke 1:50


  1. What a blessing! Both of my husband's parents had passed away before we even met - so I've never had in-laws, which makes me sad. Such a special part of my husband that I never really knew. So wonderful that you love and appreciate your in-laws so much...many do not have such a good relationship.

    Happy Tuesday:)

  2. You have bragging rights, indeed! It must have been a huge transition to go from living in the city... to living in the country. You're blessed to have these dear folks show you the way. I look forward to meeting your in-laws in heaven.

    Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday, Joyfull. ღ

  3. Thank you for reminding me today about my wonderful mother-in-love! My own mother and I have a rough relationship, but my MIL and I are incredibly close. Everyday, she finds ways to encourage and support me. I try to reciprocate that for her by loving her son and grandchildren well, as well as listening to her non-intrusive advice and wisdome.

    I am truly blessed! I hope I can be that for my future daughter-in-laws.

  4. My inlaws have been such a blessing in my life. My father-in-law has gone on to heaven, but Mom is still there for Godly wisdom and counsel. But I want to say, that even my unsaved mother is a wise older woman in my life and those of my sisters. Don't overlook the potential of a mother-in-law without Christ.

  5. Precious reminder, bless you.


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