Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Word Filled Wednesday – Act Justly


He has shown you, O man, what is good;
      And what does the LORD require of you               
But to do justly, To love mercy,
      And to walk humbly with your God?
   Micah 6:8


Sometimes we struggle so hard with the question “What does God want us to do and be?”  This verse is a simple yet powerful reminder of some simple things that God requires of us.  Act and do justly, love mercy and walk humbly before God. 

There are numerous opportunities each day to do justly, to do the right thing or to make the right choice.  We love mercy when we show kindness or mercy oftentimes to those who do not deserve it.  Walking humbly before God is acknowledging He alone is God.  He is the I AM – no one else is.  When we give Him the glory He is worthy of, it will humble our heart before Him. 

Obeying God doesn’t have to be unattainable or impossible, but can be a joyful, beautiful journey as we go by step and follow Him.    


  1. So true - living the life God has designed for us is, indeed, a wonderful and beautiful journey! Great verse for me to carry with me today!

    So how was that country fried steak and white rice?!?:)

  2. Oh, what a wonderful verse and I also love the one from Exodus on the upper left (I never read it before, or if I did, I didn't commit it to memory.)

    Thank you for your is so inspiring!

  3. His beauty is Incomparable. I'm grateful we have the Holy Spirit to help us toward a small measure of holiness. (Did you capture that butterfly yourself?)Happy WFW!

    BTW, when you have a moment, there's an Award waiting for you on my "Christmas in July" party post:


    Hugs, e-Mom ღ

  4. such a simple requirement... but most days it takes all of my effort and strength!

  5. Truly one of my ALL time favorite verses...I pray these words often for if we truly live them it has to be a well lived life indeed...


  6. Thanks this is such a wonderful message. Have a wonderful day!

  7. I used to lead a song in worship to this verse. Absolutely love it!

  8. This is one of my favorite verses! :)

  9. Hope you had a great WFW. Enjoy the rest of the week and summer weekend :)


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