Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back To School Prayers

This time of the year (back to school) always inspires me to greater prayer for my children.  Although we are homeschooling the youngest this year (and certainly need prayer!), the older two are in high school and college. As a parent, it is a privilege and responsibility to prayer daily for my children.  Always on the look out for ways to improve praying for my children, I came across some very interesting tips recently:
Begin with a decision to take the time to pray for your children:
Sounds easy, but it can take diligence and commitment to set aside a time each day to pray. Find a time that works in your daily schedule and do it....every day.  Even if it only five minutes, a habit will be formed that will bring blessing to the family.
Write It Down:
Often times we come across things we want to remember to pray for and it can just as fast leave our memory!  Think of the characteristics, gifts, talents that are unique to each child.  Write them down.  Be alert to challenges they may be facing, write them down.  Ask the Holy Spirit to help you and guide you. What do you want to see developed in the child?  Write it down and pray over it.
Pray For Wisdom:
God's Word tells us to ask for wisdom (James 1:5).  Being a parent is tough.  The decisions never end especially as the children grow older.  Seeking a daily dose of wisdom can equip us as parents to make the right decisions when the time comes.
Things to Pray For:
Purity: Pray for purity both for our kids and for their future spouses. Their spouses are out there somewhere, growing up as children right now, and what happens in their lives will greatly affect the life of our children down the road.
◦Relationships: Relationships are important.  We can pray above all,  that our kids will develop strong relationships with the Lord. We can also pray for healthy relationships with their siblings, with friends and of course, their parents.
◦Protection: The world is a dangerous place in many ways. pray for physical, spiritual and emotional protection for each child.
◦Personal weaknesses: Every child has their own struggles, whether it’s lying, angry outbursts, disrespect, or any number of other issues. Pray that God will shape their character and turn their weaknesses to strengths.
◦Thanksgiving: Each child also has unique strengths that are God’s gift to each family. For some it’s charm, for others leadership ability or a sense of humour. Thank God for these special qualities and ask Him to continue to develop these characteristics in our children.

Some fabulous resources for praying for children as they go back to school are:
Back To School Prayer Guide
31 Biblical Virtues To Pray For Children

As our children go back to school, may our hearts go deeper in prayer and may the Lord richly bless our homes and families.

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