Thursday, August 5, 2010

Before and After Blog Hop

Our family recently spent a weekend at the beach.  What fun it was to enjoy the surf, sand and sun.  Here are a few of our pictures straight out of the camera along with some photo editing done in Photoshop Elements.

beach2010 006
After with a sepia tone applied:
beach2010 006sepia
beach2010 013
Then after with some cropping and adding some sunshine highlights:
beach2010 013ss
beach2010 026
After:  Playing with some textures:
beach2010 026ltex
beach2010 031
After with adding some warmth:
beach2010 031one
Then some sepia:
beach2010 031sepia
Black and White:
beach2010 031copy
Then – Before – all my guys.  My lens was fogged up:
beach2010 057
After with some blending and some sunset effects added:
beach2010 057copy
What a blessing to capture some great family memories and enhance them!
beach2010 017copy


  1. Great Job! I really LOVE the edit of the one with him heading into the water with the board. :D

  2. These are all really great! I think I'm loving the second one with the surfboard. Beautiful edits!

  3. Great job with all of the edits! I really like the one with the board... the epitome of summer right there!

  4. Edits look great- I love texture and sepia!

  5. Those are all great...I can't pick a favorite!

  6. Beautiful!!!! You have a handsome looking family!

  7. Oh I love this! It's so cool how pictures can be made even more beautiful! Great job! I need to do this more!

  8. These are really great. I love the 2nd one and the one with the added warmth!

  9. I like the board one too! They are all great though!

  10. They are all wonderful shots. I'm going to have to splurge someday soon for Photoshop. I love this texture effect.

  11. Well, aren't you just the queen of photoshop!? My daughter had that on her mac, but it crashed and she had not backed it up, so she lost it. Sad day! It's amazing what you can do with it!

  12. I love the one with the surfboard - nice photos and editing!


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