Monday, August 9, 2010

Completing Him - and Romancing Him

The summer marriage enrichment challenge Completing Him will wind up today!  The challenge for the week is:
"Kiss him like you mean it!"

I have noticed in my marriage, the longer we are married, the blessings of knowing each other so well and knowing our likes, dislikes and what works brings a comfortable state to the home. We just "fit" each other. We have his chair, my chair, our dinner spots at the table, we know the routine of reading the newspaper, when we eat dinner and the go for a walk in the evenings etc. 

All of these are good things that bring stability and routine to our home and family.  But by never stepping out of the ordinary, we may forget that in our family, we were a couple before we had children and when our children have moved from our home and begin their own home and lives, we will still be a couple.  We will be a couple hopefully wiser and blessed through the years with the rich experience of family, but we don't want to end up with an empty house and empty marriage. 

NOW is the time to work and keep the marriage alive and thriving. In addition to the daily routine and grind, throw in some spice and romance. When he leaves for work, instead of the standard 'goodbye' kiss, practice a "kiss like you mean it".  Instead of the 'roll over good night' kiss, throw in a "kiss like you mean it" every now and again.  Catch him off guard with a little extra affection!  He will love it and it is a great marriage pick me up!

Intimacy is a vital part of any marriage.  I won't dwell on this subject much, but it is so important.  Men have a physical need for intimacy and as women, this brings a beautiful bond of the heart and body to our husbands.  Our attitude toward intimacy can be the deciding factor of the richness and blessing in this area.  As busy women, at the end of the day, we are tired and  this may bring inconvenience.  It may take some effort to express our love and affection, it may take planning around the children etc.  But whatever effort we put into loving one another, it builds up and is a beautiful expression of our love for each other.  Our sacrifices  will be greatly rewarded with a satisfied husband. 

What a challenge this week will be, finding creative ways to complete him with affection and romance.  If you are a planner, plan it out, if you are creative, surprise him, but whatever way you do it, showering him with love and attention will bring a blessing to the marriage and enable us as wives to complete him.


  1. I love this post and could not agree with you more!!!


  2. I also enjoyed this challenge a lot. Even though the challenge is finished, I still need to keep my dh on the top of my list (after God that is) and not go back to how things were. I agree with your post.

  3. Love this post and totally agree! It's hard with kids,but I have realized we have to keep our marriage going,our kids will one day be gone and doing their own thing. :) Thank you Joyce!

  4. How true - how sad it must be to come to "the empty house" stage of life..and find you have "an empty marriage"! And those years of a full house go by so quickly! Now is the time to spice it up:)

    Great post -

  5. A great and valuable post and everything I have ever read tells me the same thing ... all men have this ... need.

    But it isn't true. My husband is 7 years older than me. He has been telling me for about 5 years (I just turned 46) over and over that - that part of his life is over. A hard pill for me to swallow. We are very close and very much in love, but that part of life is not a priority for every man. Believe it or not, but I do because I live it.

    We complete each other in many ways, but for us and for many (I know I am not alone) romancing is not part of the completing.


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