Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall Is the Best Time To Buy...

Most people know there are certain times to make a purchase that will maxamize the bargain.  Certain seasons and times of the year, particular products are marked down to the lowest price of the year.  Free Shipping.org compliles a guide The Best Time To Buy Guilde with the best times to buy over 75 products.  Here are a few of the best things to buy as we approach the fall season.

Swim Suits
Every women above a size six knows there's really no good time to deal with the nightmare of finding a swimsuit that looks good and fits. The rest of humanity should wait until the end of summer, when crowds at pools and beaches begin to thin out.
Best time to buy a swimsuit: August and September

China and Flatware
If you don't mind buying last-season's patterns, shop after Christmas and the wedding season.
Best time to buy china and flatware: March and September

Patio Furniture
Wait until the first week after summer ends to buy your patio furniture. Stores like Walmart and Target will drastically reduce the price of patio furniture because they need to make room for Christmas decorations.
Best time to buy patio furniture:  September.

Air Conditioners

The price of air conditioners rise and lower with the temperature. Most old air conditioners expire when the temperature goes up which creates a high demand in the summer months. If an air conditioner is a must buy right now, then begin looking fordiscounts today on last years models. If you have a unit that can make it through another season, then the best option is to wait until stores are clearing their inventory at the end of the summer. As temperatures cool the prices will drop and you can find great deals to keep you cool next year.
Best time to buy an air conditioner: *October*

Big Appliances
The new models for large appliances roll out in September and October, so stores will be working to make room by discounting previous models. Some stores will keep older inventory in stock through the holiday months and then reduce what ever is left at the beginning of the new year.  During the rest of the year look for holiday sales around Memorial Day and Independence Day.
Best time to buy big appliances: *October* and January

New model year vehicles are typically introduced in late summer. The end of a model year can be a great time to get bargains on a recommended model as dealerships are making room for new models. Vehicles remaining on the lot at the end of the model year are considered to be “leftovers”. They have been on the lot the longest and can generally be negotiated for considerable savings. The end of the month can be a good time to buy a car also as manydealerships establish monthly quotas and salespeople may be willing to take much less than asking price in order to make a sale to earn their bonus. The best way to save on end of the month purchases is to walk onto the dealership with a good idea of what you want to buy. Some salespeople may try pressuring you into making decisions about a car you are not prepared to buy if you don’t know what you are looking for. Throughout the year, manufacturers offer rebates, incentives and cheap financing which often coincide with a holiday, long weekend, or special promotion. Sales incentives can be worth investigating to see how much money you can save.
Best time to buy a car: *October*, and end of the month

Gas Grills
Gas grills are in high demand during the summer and prices rise to match the demand. This makes Fall and Winter the best time to buy a new grill. Companies like Home Depot and Walmart will cut prices on summer grills when winter merchandise arrives.
Best time to buy gas grills: *October

There’s a double bonus if you buy new jeans in October: You miss back-to-school crowds and can take advantage of clearance sales scheduled before holiday shopping season. You’ll also have less of an audience to squiggle into new jeans if the store has one of those communal dressing rooms.
Best time to buy jeans: *October*

Early winter is the best time to begin your wish list if toys are what you want for Christmas. Retailers will be trying to maximize holiday sales by reducing prices and pushing sales as early as October. Your chances of finding cheaper games and puzzles are especially good during this time. If you simply can’t wait to buy toys but you still would like to find a bargain, then August will be the best time to look for discounts. With holiday shopping on the horizon, retailers will be reducing prices on current stock to make room for the seasons hottest toys. Retailers will be willing to let items go at huge discounts in order to make room to stock newer items.
Best time to buy toys: *October* and November.

Little things like taking notice of the best times to buy can save a lot of money for the household and make you a smart shopper!


  1. Oh goodness, did you notice what a busy shopping month October could be?? Maybe some of the purchases - good deals - could double as Christmas gifts! And could it really be time to be thinking about Christmas gifts??:)

  2. I must disagree with buying swimsuits in Aug or Sept. My experience if you want a modest one in a size over 6, you had better shop as soon as they display them. There aren't many of those! Interesting post though!


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