Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday With Friends

Friday With Friends is a great time of sharing and getting to know one another.  Jennifer is our hostess and asked the question this week "What Is Your Favorite Day Of the Week?" 

This must be something I've never thought about!  Even now, I can't decide!  Call me weird, but I really like Mondays as they bring a sense of newness and routine to the week.  Whatever happened last week, can be erased and started anew on Monday.  It's a second chance sort of thing.  The stresses of Friday are forgotten through the weekend and with a new week, we can be ready to embrace new opportunities and give things another try!

But then Fridays can be fabulous also!  As the excitement mounts for the weekend and the work of the week winds down, Fridays are great! 

I'll have to go with both days for my favorite.  I's against the rules!!  A great beginning and completeness through the end makes for a great week!! 

Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.  Psalms 90:12


  1. Right there with you on Monday and Friday!
    A great way to start and finish - but ...

    Everyday is my favorite when I can spend it with the people I love - doing the things I love to do!

  2. I like Fridays, too. I'll have to try to remember your sentiments on Mondays....but I'm not making any promises!! ha! ha!

  3. Hooray for another lover of Mondays!! So glad you joined us today - and enjoy this FRIDAY:)


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