Thursday, August 5, 2010

Joy At the Springs

In our area, we are surrounded by natural springs that many people take advantage of during the summer heat.  Springs provide cold water to swim in and a chance to enjoy their natural beauty.  Much of my family go swimming at the springs a few times a week, my boys included.  This week, I was off from work and able to join in on a springs trip!
Here is some of the natural beauty of the springs:
springs 019
springs 020sepia
Then there are small walls to jump off into the cool water;
This is my fearless 4 year old nephew jumping into the water:
springs 009
My youngest son doing his jump:
springs 025
Then some fun just hanging out in the water:
springs 003 springs 012 springs 016 springs 017edit springs 018
springs 005
Of course good times are always better with cousins around:
springs 030 springs 030sepia
This was a summer day full of joy for me!

Good, True & Beautiful


  1. These photos are amazing and it looks beautiful there!

  2. How refreshing and fun! Great pics. :-) Reminds me of swinging from a rope then jumping into the swimmin' hole down the road - when I was a kid. But ours was full of leeches and not beautiful. lol Still, we loved it. The rock formations in your pictures are beautiful.

  3. How wonderful! Great pics.

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