Sunday, August 22, 2010

Making Your Home Sing - By Coming Home

Making your home sing Mondays

It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.
Today will begin a new season and adventure for my home and family.  We will be homeschooling my youngest son this year and I will become a stay at home mom (again) in another week.  Our family strives on consistency and routine, so things like this change us and shake us up a bit, but we're looking forward to some good changes. 

This will be the third time I've "come home" from an outside job.  Each time I learn a little more and grow as a wife and mother.  In earlier years, with much time on my hands, I used it unwisely, not paying attention to my home, but being involved and busy in things outside the home.  The last time I came home to care for our youngest son.  With two older boys and a baby, I was at home. but overwhelmed with the duties of the boys to make the most of the day.  This time, I feel better equipped and ready to be the keeper of my home and embrace the challenge of schooling my son.

Some characteristics I"m striving for that will enhance my home are:
  • Dedication - being there for the family and to keep the home in great working order
  • Faithfulness - putting the needs of family and home first
  • Consistency - doing what needs to be done - all the time, the best way
  • Diligence - Doing each task to the best of my ability
  • Time Management - be alert to time stealers
  • Organization - keeping on top of clutter and being able to quickly find what I need
 There is no higher calling than a wife, mother and keeper of the home. Working outside the home doesn't lesson the importance or impact of a mother's influence and I admire those who work outside the home.  Even while working at a job, the heart can be in the home, making it a sanctuary for the family to come home to.  I consider it a blessing to be able to come home again and look forward to this time being the best ever!



  1. Oh how exciting! Is your son starting kindergarten?

    If you're interested in seeing someone else's homeschool schedule let me know the grade of your son, and I will email you a copy of the schedule we used when my son was that age.

    Of course, you have to do your own thing but it's always fun to see other's schedules.

    Did you read the "Homeschool Preschool" post from last week's meme. She shared a cool link that you might like.

    I also like as it has all sorts of forms and schedules and charts for homeschool and around the home (like chore charts).

    I also recommend the book "Managers Of Their Homes" that you can find at It's a great resource book about scheduling your homeschooling.

    Anyway, have a blast and please feel free to email me if you have any questions. I will be starting my 17th and final year of homeschooling this year.

    Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

    ~ Nan

  2. What a great set of characteristics to strive for!! I, too, must work on these characteristics. It is so easy for me to stray from why I am truly at home.

    Best wishes,

  3. Fantastic post! I work outside of the home (after 12 years of staying home). I really like my job, but I miss being at home, too. Good luck! You have a great attitude.

  4. Such a blessing - to have the priviledge to have the opportunity to meet your family's needs first and make your home a priority! Many women would so love that chance but simply are not able. I love being an "at home" mom...and homeschooling along with it-even better!! I hope it is a wonderful year - for all of you!

    You have such a wonderful attitude and sweet spirit about caring for your home...I know you will enjoy this chance to "be in" again!

    Does school start this week? Hope it is off to a great start!:)

  5. Good for you! Sounds like you have given this quite a bit of thought. I am sure you will be very successful.

  6. Bless you in the upcoming homeschool year! It sounds like you're well prepared. ღ


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