Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Marriage Monday - Romantic Food


Marriage Monday today is all about food- romantic food.  The topics to talk about were Romantic Picnics, Date Night Snack Ideas or my choice: "Food that Flopped (And How We Laughed About it Later)."   As I was growing up, I severely lacked cooking skills.  My mother did not like to cook and I didn't learn to cook.  My husband was raised in the home of a real life Betty Crocker!  Seriously...his mother can cook and it is all from scratch and always delicious! 

I"m trying to bring to mind a specific "flop", but there were so many, they all jumble together.  One of our first meals was served with rice and gravy.  My idea of this was Minute Rice and Canned Gravy!  Since my husband was accustomed to homemade slow cooked rice with gravy made from meat juices, this didn't go over too well.  Through the years my cooking skills have improved, but it did not come without trial and error.  Like the fish dish that you dipped in Catalina dressing then coated with cracker crumbs...mushy, sticky, and yucky!  Then there were the endless casserole recipes that just didn't cut it!
I'm still learning what works in the kitchen and what doesn't.  I recently got a valuable lesson straight from my man - FLAVOR!  For Valentine's Day, I used a recipe for Burgundy Beef. Slow cooked with red wine - romantic food dish right?  I could tell my husband didn't really like it, but wasn't saying so.  I asked how it was and he told me (nicely), it didn't have much flavor.  He also told me he really liked my flavorful dishes like vegetable soup - wow!  Flavor is where it's at.

Each of our men have their favorite likes and dislikes.  It really isn't that hard to find romance in the food department.  Something about a good smelling dinner cooking when they get home makes a home (and marriage) come alive!  Simmer something good up tonight!


  1. Making a huge roast for the hubby!

  2. I enjoyed your post! Grinning because I can relate to your early days as a young wife. Your rice and gravy sounds... well... hmmmm.... :~D

    You probably have much more skill in the kitchen now, than you're letting on. (Seems to me you have a food blog, right?)

    Years ago, I read an article advising all brides to get into the habit of having onions cooking on the stove at dinner time. That way their husbands would be tricked into thinking something GREAT was coming! I admit, whenever I cook onions, my husband makes an appearance and asks what's for dinner.

    Smells may be important, but I agree with you, flavor is much more so!

    Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday, Joyfull! ღ

  3. Funny - my first attempt at making gravy...it was just like peanut butter! Honestly, you could spread it on the potatoes with a knife. I've gotten better with the consistency but honestly my gravy is just not that tasty!

  4. You've inspired me!

    Simmer something good up tonight!


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