Sunday, September 26, 2010

Making Your Home Sing - Creating Nostalgia

Making your home sing Mondays

There's a soft place in my heart for things of nostalgia and the warmth of sweet memories they bring into ones life.  Yesterday was a rare day when all of my family was present for Sunday lunch. Between shift work and two teenagers working, it is a treat to have everyone gathered around the table! 

Sunday lunch wasn't one of those elaborate presentations of food.  Turkey breast, dressing, green beans and bread were on the menu.   Last night as I was preparing to brine the turkey, I undid the netting which was around it.  BIG MISTAKE!!  The turkey breast fell into many small pieces!  Wondering what to do, I put all the pieces back into the net and brined it all night!  Stove Top stuffing and canned green beans rounded out this meal of convenience.  On a whim, I pulled out some of my mother's bowls to serve the food in.  These bowls were used when I was a girl and they bring about nice memories of families eating together. They brought a touch of nostalgia and made an ordinary meal a little bit more special.

Thinking about the beauty of  nostalgia, brought encouragement to make the most out of my daily life.  As we go about through the day, little touches can bring joy and create lasting memories for our family and friends.  By seeking to use what gifts we have and extending them to others, we can create warm memories and show love and care in tangible ways. 

In our home, a few touches that can allure the senses and bring beauty can be:
  • light candles

  • use fabric softener in laundry

  • set the table using decorative bowls instead of just serving in the pots

  • decorate for the seasons

  • keep cozy blankets/pillows in the living room

  • bake something special -  just because

  • play uplifting music in the home

  • think of things to be seen, felt, heard and tasted that enhance the flavor of HOME!

In our relationships, we can extend ourselves by using our gifts and talents to be a blessing to others.

  • Send a card

  • send a food gift

  • pick up a little special something at the store

  • pay a nice compliment

  • offer help in times of need

  • phone to let someone know they are on your mind

  • remember birthdays, anniversaries and special days

  • be thoughtful and considerate to the needs of others

By paying close attention to our what our hearts challenge us to do, we will  give from the gifts and talents within us and be a blessing to those around us. As we go through our days, we're not just existing, we're creating nostalgia! 


  1. I know what you mean. My oldest is now in college, but before he left it was a rare occasion that he and his brother were both home at the same time.

    It just seemed like they took turns working and being gone, lol!

    Great list of how we can bring beauty into our homes! Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday today!

  2. For a wedding gift, my hubby's sister gave our daughter some crystal that she bought in Germany 27 years ago when she was stationed their in the Army. She (our daughter) loved it, even though she is not a crystal kind of girl, because it was old and because it was German. She spent a summer in Germany doing a study abroad program and loved it there. So,she is starting her "new" life with something nostalgic.

  3. Beautiful thoughts and ideas! I love having candles lit with seasonal smells floating throughout the house!

  4. I do many of these things already, but it had never occurred to me that I was creating nostalgia. That was a great inspiration to continue doing these special things in my home and supplying a few fresh ideas.


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