Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Kind of Diet...

We all know dieting means cutting back, with hopefully good results!  The Budget Diet is a diet for your wallet, not your waistline!  They provide a collection of Shape-Up Tips to help you slim down your daily spending,  You can sign up for a quick daily tip to help "shape up your finances".   

A recent tip was on how to organize coupons.  I recently created a three ring coupon binder and I love it!  The only drawback is that is a little big and bulky, but the convenience of finding what you need easily outweighs that!

Christian Clippers shared this tutorial on how to make a coupon binder. These are the supplies that you need, which are available right now for fantastic prices!  How To Make  Coupon Binder give step by step instructions. 

To effectively use coupons, they should be organized in a manner so that they are easily found and readily available.  By taking a little bit of time to organize the coupons, it will save time and frustration in the grocery store of searching for the right coupon through piles of unorganized coupons.  There are various systems to organize coupons out there from small to large, there IS a system that will work for you!  Start small and you will quickly reap the benefits of saving money!

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