Thursday, December 30, 2010

Before and After Picture

During the Christmas season, one of our festivities was held at an old hotel which was renovated into a restaurant.  They had several antique items arranged all around.  This one caught my eye, knowing it would be a great experience for photo editing!

Straight Out of the Camera Shot:
Christmas 2010 016
It wouldn’t take much editing to bring out the naturally vintage look:
Christmas 2010 016two
Here I cropped the photo some, gave it texture and a vintage edging:
Christmas 2010 016bw
All edits were done in Photoshop Elements.


  1. Those are some awesome edits. Love the Vintage feel to them!

  2. Love the Victrola! It must have been a neat place to have a party.

  3. That first edit...totally awesome! Such a great idea for a vintage shot.

  4. Really liked this - I collect antiques, so this Victrola was "right up my alley!" I have a cabinet one - it's one of my "treasures."

    You know what I thought of as I looked at these pictures? That God can take my old "vintage" self (my "before") and make me something brand new (my "after")~

    Happy New Year!



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