Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Joy For Two

The holiday season has arrived!  I love this time of the year.  The decorations are up at our home, our calendars are filling up with opportunities to share fellowship with family and friends and there is excitement and anticipation in the air.  Cool evenings are here and often spent by the fireplace and a good book.

This is such a wonderful season for families as they connect through cards, letters, visits and enjoying time together.  Activities such as shopping, cooking, creating cards involve families working and sharing together and create wonderful memories.
However, in the midst of all the joy, fun, parties and added festive activities, a couple may struggle to find that 'special time' together.  A time for just the two of them.  Quality, uninterrupted time is vital for a marriage and when stresses are high and our to do list grows, our mates may get neglected or tossed to the side in the midst of all the activities.  Some time alone can soothe, relax and rekindle the spark of love in a marriage.  There are beautiful opportunities for togetherness that the Christmas season offers.  A few ideas to bring some joy for two may be to:
  • Take a ride and enjoy the Christmas lights
  • Leisurely walk through the mall, enjoying the festive sights and sounds.
  • Enjoy a special candle light dinner.
  • Take a brisk walk together.
  • Go out alone to dinner and a movie.
  • Take in a craft show or Christmas concert.
  • Make eggnog.
  • Enjoy some together time at a coffee shop.
  • Go ice skating.
  • Stay home and enjoy some classic Christmas movies.
A tradition my husband and I have is to leave the kids in the loving care of Nana, and enjoy a trip to the mall, followed by dinner out.  Through the years, I've learned not to make this a big shopping trip (with more stress!!), but to just enjoy the festive sounds and sights and being together as a couple. It's something we look forward to each Christmas season. Our boys don't seem to enjoy the little things that  used to bring excitement to them when they were younger.  Driving through neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights doesn't thrill them anymore.  Hot cocoa isnt' such a treat to them.  But, I've never outgrown these things and plan to use this year to enjoy these things with just my sweet hubby! 

May we embrace this season with a spirit of joy, peace and giving, especially carving out some special holiday time for our husbands!


  1. What you wrote is so true - we need to be careful not to do too much and to treasure time with our spouses. I liked your suggestions for things to do together - and thank you for reminding me about Courtney's Peace on Earth challenge :)

  2. Thank you for some new ideas...I hadn't thought of ice skating...that'll crack him up! Love and Smiles to you today!

  3. good ideas on doing things together as a couple! and lots of those were not expensive things either! Also liked the idea of taking care of ourselves during the holiday time too! thanks for all the good advice today :)


  4. Love it! We work so hard at all the other stuff it should be easier to work at making the marriage stuff work this time of year. I adore skating with my man and we have already booked evenings at the rink to share!

  5. My husband and I enjoy sneaking out for a nice lunch while Christmas shopping, it's so fun! I love your ideas :)

  6. I love it, it's been awhile since we've snuck away for dinner while shopping. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. LOL, I love your idea of walking together in the mall. We did that last week, and had a blast! No shopping--just enjoying each other and the festive decorations. I wish e-Dad enjoyed eggnog... we might have had eggnog lattes. Instead, we got one gingerbread latte and shared it. So romantic!

    Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today in the midst of all your seasonal revelling. (Sounds fun!)

    Merry Christmas,

    e-Mom ღ

  8. The reminder: Don't for me...I've been so busy but I have to take time to be specially with hubby this crazy Christmas season! Thanks for the gets me into thinking, Marriage is really for real!


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