Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Learning Workroom CD Review

As a new homeschooling mom, I"m constantly on the lookout for products to enhance my 9 year old's education.  As the home school year goes by, it is becoming apparent that science is one of our least favorite subjects.  The procedure our curriculum calls for is a lot of book reading, then quizzes and reviews over that information.  But, bugs, flowers, insects all seem to run together sometimes! 

The opportunity came to review a Learning Workroom Steps to Scholastic SuccessTM Slide Shows CD and I eagerly grabbed it!  I had not heard of Learning Workroom before but they provide educational CD's which are 'Fun, Educational, and Effective Programs that Help Kids Learn'.  They offer CD's in Math, Language Arts and Science.  Of course I chose the Science CD!
Upon browsing for products on their website, I found out the Science Steps to Scholastic SuccessTM Slide Shows CD was awarded the 2010 Media of the Year Award for Educational Science Media by Creative Child Magazine's Award Program. That boosted my confidence in this product!

The Science CD consists of slide shows that present essential knowledge needed for success in school and on state tests in a fun and interactive format so that students can use the program at home or in the classroom. Each slide show is a powerful and comprehensive teaching and learning tool!

The slide show plays on Microsoft Power Point and is vibrant and eye catching. The information is presented in a fun, exciting and easy to answer format. Here are a few examples of the slides:

My son enjoyed watching the slides and connecting the questions and answers.  He was challenged by the fill in the blanks and loved when he knew the answers.  I loved the fact that he was learning while haivng fun! The movement of the slides kept his attention while filing knowledge into his mind!  These are great educational tools.  You can see where to buy Learning Workroom SOFTWARE for Grade 3 - 8 HERE.   These would make a great gift for children in grades 3-8!  Thank you Learning Workroom for a great product and for saving our science class!

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  1. It does seem like a great learning environment type of thingy! (you can tell I'm having trouble how to describe it). But I think the slide show would hold a student's interest! Glad you had a chance to review it! Good for you for home schooling! Such great benefits derived from it :)



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