Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My First Gingerbread House

You may not believe this, but I have never made a gingerbread house, until this week. I honestly inherited an un-creative nature!  Artsy, hands-on activities can turn into complete flops for me…really! 

But my youngest son has been asking to make gingerbread houses.  A quick Google search sent shivers down my spine as I looked up how to bake the foundations, prepare the icing and then decorate them.  Then he remembered making them at school with graham crackers and using canned frosting as ‘glue’.  This…may be do-able!  So we gave it a try.

First we assembled the ‘frame’:

cmas 001cmas 003

Then we built up:

cmas 013

And added the decoration:

cmas 017

Then…it fell, I told you…

cmas 018

But it ended well with an edible treat:

cmas 020

And some cozy time by the fire:

cmas 023

And some great memories to cherish!


  1. Sounds good to me! This is my kind of art project!!

  2. so very cute!! only gingerbread house we made was from a kit; I like your son's attempt so very much more! I bet it was delicious too!



    OK, so there is a trick they didn't tell you. You use a HOT GLUE GUN to put it together. We used to make a small village for display, of course a village since each of six kids wanted to make their own. We glued the houses together, covered the seams with frosting and lotsa candy. Our tradition was they could eat the candy off their house when they were helping put away Christmas decorations.

    This year I bought pre-built houses from Costco...easy peasy.

  4. I have never made a gingerbread house either and neither have my children. What kind of mother am I? I may have to run out for a gingerbread kit this weekend!

  5. I like the crackers and icing approach ~ very tasty!
    The first gingerbread house I made, well...and everyone since, has at least one side falling in, lol.

  6. I have made 3 attempts at Gingerbread houses including one that was a kit....Uummm let's just say sooo NOT my thing, haha...but your right..the memories are wonderful. My daughter and I attempted our last one when she was a senior in high school. We started out soo serious and when it collapsed after LOTS of work we were somewhat hysterical at first, but it quickly turned to gales of laughter...we STILL talk about that day every Christmas since. Make lots of memories...HUGS, Debbie

  7. I've never made a Gingerbread House either. If my girls wanted to make one, I'd either do like you did, or buy a kit of some kind. Decorating one sure sounds fun, but the building of it - um, not so much. Haha!

    Merry Christmas!

  8. I love that attitude!! When all walls fall - eat up!! Sounds like my kind of "craft" activity:)

  9. Great effort, and great attitude at the "less-than-ideal" outcome!!

    Evidently, a house is not a home - it's dessert!!



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