Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas

Our family Christmas was a little bit different than in years past.  We enjoyed a wonderful time with my husband’s side of the family on Christmas Eve.  My poor husband had to work through much of the weekend.  He missed this dinner and one son had to work, but he did arrive late:

christmas nanas 2010 018

Christmas morning to work around my husband’s work, we got up very early!  Here are our boys opening up some presents:

Christmas 2010 044_edited-1Christmas 2010 045Christmas 2010 055Christmas 2010 057

Christmas night was a pretty quiet, rainy night at home.  Monday night my side of the family came over for a late Christmas dinner! 

I can’t believe how few pictures that I took this year!  I did take several of my nieces and nephews this year:

Girls are so easy to photograph! 
christmas nanas 2010 012

His smile is a treat to catch!christmas nanas 2010 013

Isn’t she beautiful, all dressed up?christmas nanas 2010 016

These two got remote control cars and know how to use them!christmas nanas 2010 032

christmas nanas 2010 031

Isn’t this sweet?  There is just something so special about little children at Christmas!christmas nanas 2010 006christmas nanas 2010 008

christmas nanas 2010 021

What a beautiful time of the year and some great memories were again made to cherish.


  1. Lovely pictures - looks like everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

    I will be joining you in treasuring and pondering this week. I am praising the Lord for being with me every moment of 2010 - the ups and downs - and for showing His love and faithfulness to me and my family.

    2011 - I just know that God has plans!! How exciting!


  2. Looks like a quiet, WONDERFUL the John Deere sweatshirts....I have found that some years I take soo many pics it is hard to sort through them all, and some years (like this one) I didn't take ANY at all. Already regretting that, haha...Have a good day.

  3. I just have one did you manage to have a Gator fan and a Seminole fan in the same room and still have a peaceful time? ha! ha! All you needed was a Georgia Bulldog fan and you would have had a real war!! :-) Like the John Deere sweats, too!


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