Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tips On Eating Healthy During the Holidays

One of the blessings of the Christmas season is the many parties and get togethers we are able to attend.  Of course that means food - lots of it!  But in the season of good cheer and being merry as all the best food dishes come out, it can be easy to overload and pack on a few extra pounds and lose the healthy eating habits we may strive for. 

In the celebrations, we can surely take part, but here are a few tips to help keep us on track:

  • One of the biggest helps to avoid over eating is before a holiday event, eat a snack or a salad. Foods high in protein, like chicken or cottage cheese, help you to eat less later. Fasting ahead of time to leave room for a big meal or extra trips to the buffet may lead you to overeat.
  • Eat smaller portions of food. This is especially important at a buffet, where you may want to try everything. Choose the items you want to try the most, and eat a small portion of each.
  • \Eat slowly. Many times, people eat so fast that their stomachs don't have enough time to register that they are full. Savor each bite and enjoy the taste of the food-chances are you will eat less.
  • After a meal, go for a walk with your family to see holiday displays in your neighborhood.
  • Offer to bring a low-calorie dish to holiday parties. Your host might appreciate it, and you'll know that at least one healthy item will be on hand.
  • Don't park yourself in front of the buffet at a party. Mingle! If you stand by the buffet, you'll eat more than you would if it was across the room.
  • Avoid fast food. The holiday season can keep you on the go with little time to prepare meals. Fast food may be handy, but often is high in fat. Prepare and freeze quick, healthy meals ahead of time to stay out of the fast food trap.
  • Be realistic. Don't try to diet during the holidays; just aim to maintain your present weight.
Food and holiday gatherings go hand in hand. So join in and help yourself to some tasty treats. If you've been exercising, keep it up during the holiday season. If you aren't getting enough exercise, it's a great time to start. With a dash of discipline and a pinch of planning, you'll have a great recipe for holiday fun without the regret that many of us feel the next time we step on a scale.


  1. Good stuff ... great ideas.

    BUT...you do realize that a good cookie covers all the food groups, right? I mean, in any given chocolate chip cookie you have milk (dairy), protein (eggs), carbohydrates/grains (flour), and chocolate (the most important food group of all!). Just sharing :)

  2. Good tips! Since there are so many foods I am trying to avoid for health reasons, the holidays can be challenging. I also tell my self I CAN have one sugary treat, and then I choose wisely. I would rather have one small thing I love than four things I am eating for the pleasure of eating. I will try to remember some of these techniques for serving food, too. Great post.

  3. all great advice! I know when I was going through a weight loss clinic before, they said the exact same thing about eating protein before going to a party. I also like the advice on not to per se diet during this time, but to maintain weight. That's good thinking, I do believe!


  4. this scripture is soo true. For me...He made the difference and freed me.


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