Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just Fill It Up

Apparently, I am very special in my home!  It seems there are several tasks that I must do so well, no one else will even attempt to try them.  Things like...putting a new roll of toilet paper on the roll, putting clean towels out, putting salt in the salt shaker or coffee in the jar we use every morning, emptying the ice trays (yes, we still use ice trays, the ice maker broke about 8 years ago and we've  been debating a new refrigerator and didn't want to get it fixed if we were getting a new one!!). 

 I used to let it bother me that I was the ONLY one who could do so many of these little tasks.  Sometimes I would brew and stew and let bitterness come into my heart.  Sometimes I would just refuse to do it...but then it just didn't get done!   These things don't ever empty at a convenient time.  Realizing the salt shaker is empty as your sitting down to eat, or fumbling in the morning to make coffee and find that the jar is empty can be a bit traumatic!!!   

When I learned to get my mind off of myself and think of the 'manly' tasks my husband and three sons do to make life easier for me, it adjusted my attitude.  Isn't it amazing what happens when we think of others with a grateful heart?  A transformation is made and a new perspective is gained. Mowing the yard, changing the oil, raking leaves, taking the trash out are things I never have to worry about.  Filling things up around the house is much easier and is certainly nothing at all to complain about.

Since an organized home runs more smoothly, it becomes a bit of a fun challenge to keep things filled up.  Coffee, sugar, ice, toilet paper are carefully monitored and are less likely to run out when some close attention is given  to them.

There are some things in my heart that need some monitoring also or they may run out at an inopportune time. 
  • Kind words
  • Patience
  • Grace
  • Mercy
  • Loving gestures
  • Affection
  • Joy

These are vital things that don't need to run out and the only way to keep them full is to run to the Source to fill up daily.  Each day a new supply can come from spending time in prayer and in God's Word.  He can fill our hearts with the things that we will need for each day.  When we face (and we will) the challenges through the day, we can reach into a full heart and pull out some patience, some grace, some kindness, some mercy, some joy, some love etc.   

 A full heart meditates on God's Word through the day and is in a continual mind of prayer.  By reading the Bible each day, we take it in and then we can stay filled up by placing it where we can see it through the day.  As we face each challenge, we can seek the Lord's wisdom and guidance through our heart felt prayers.  When things are going well, we can praise the Lord for His goodness from a thankful heart. 

When we keep our heart and our home filled up, good things will flow out.  Things that bless others and make our homes sing a song of abundance.  Let's keep em full this week!!
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  1. Welcome back, friend! I pray that your fast was a blessing and a really profitable time. I am always thinking about this Making Your Home Sing Mondays and then, I forget....??

    But this post was encouraging for me today - just the other day, a co-worker was complaining (somewhat light-heartedly...and some not) about those certain things that get left for her to do - and I really allowed her attitiude to influence me. Then, I was grumbling in my own heart about the lack of help I get...blah blah and, yes, all me! This post was a good reminder.

    There certainly is much that gets done - that I don't have to think about...and what a blessing I have to do these little things - and, truly, it is not all about me!!

    Have a great Monday - and thanks for the thoughts:)

  2. So very true. I would much rather change a roll of toilet paper than take the garbage out!

    It's true that if we sit there and let it bother us, it's going to make us bitter. Thanks for reminding us to be joyful and for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!


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