Monday, January 31, 2011

The Love Dare

Welcome February!  I love this month!  Although with a husband and three sons, Valentine's Day is not their favorite holiday, I enjoy the colors, the flowers all around and the cute little things that pop up in the stores and in my home to remind us of the beauty and power of love. 

From now until Valentine's Day, to celebrate in a practical way, I'm going to particiapte in The Love Dare to exhitbit the characteristics of love found in God's Word and express them in my home, especially to my husband.  I'm going to share a quick assignment each day to remind myself and hopefully encourage you to not just 'act more loving', but to embrace God's gift of His love for you and let that overflow into the lives of the special someone in your life.  Can we turn around the love atmoshpere in our homes and marriages in just 14 days?  Let's give it a try!

"Love is patient" Eph. 4:2
Patience helps you give your spouse permission to be human. Love is built on two pillars that best define what it is. Those pillars are patience and kindness. Choose to respond with patience towards your husband in all things.


  1. Welcome Back! Hope your time away was meaningful. That is a challenge all right....I'm not the most patient person in the world. Thanks for the reminder that I need to do better!

  2. Thanks for linking up! You will be blessed and are a blessing. I will have updated posts over the next 14 days as well as some fun giveaways. Stay tuned.



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