Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cracked Pots

One day a few months ago, I found this little book at a yard sale.  I was drawn to the beautiful artwork on the cover and through the pages.  It sat on my shelf for a while until I recently pulled it out to read it with my morning devotions.  This little book has blessed me so much!  It is called Savor This Moment by Karla Dornacher and is filled with not only beautiful artwork, but each page packs a powerful dose of encouragement for the day. 

One page has a little poem about us living our lives as a teapot. 

Like a teapot, filled with His love and power,
God wants to tip you over
and pour out His overflowing grace
on the lives of those around you.

It doesn't matter what your teapot look like.
You may be short and stout,
or you may be tall and stately.
You may be bright yellow stoneware with red dots,
or you may be white porcelain with hand painted roses.

The truth is, no matter what our color or shape,
we're all 'cracked pots",
but God loves us and wants to use us anyway!

Sometimes, however, we get so caught up
worrying about the vessel, we forget all about
the treasure that dwells within us...
the love and power of Jesus that is able to influence
our world more than we can ever imagine.

Will you ask God to purposely tip you over
and pour you out today?
Offer Him your hands, your heart,
your words, your prayers...
then watch who He places along your path!

I loved this little poem and the encouragement it gives to acknowledge His treasure  He has placed in each of us and the ability we have to be a blessing!


  1. I have a dear friend, a young mom with two little girls, that has lung cancer. Her blog name is A Cracked Pot. I am going to pass on this poem to her! Thanks.

  2. Love the poem...cute but oh so true!!

  3. I'm not familiar with this book, but what a beautiful little poem! I spoke at a women's conf. awhile ago about II Cor. 4 - the "cracked vessels" passage and the Lord used it to really convict me of the treasure we have within us. (somehow studying passages in depth to share with others, always leads to greater conviction in our own lives, doesn't it? :)


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