Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It’s That Time Again…

What is it that brings mom and dad out a few evenings each week, on freezing winter nights, in drizzling rain and early Saturday mornings?  As the weeks of practice and interrupted evening plans blossom into friendship and new bonds with other parents as we cheer together from the sidelines.  As we watch our little guys (and girls) fight and battle with such determination and drive over one little ball, you know soccer season is in full swing!
Here is our youngest in action on the soccer field:

Soccer2011 059Soccer2011 050
Soccer2011 002Soccer2011 060Soccer2011 061


  1. We start baseball this week, and this year I'm ready. I bought a case of handwarmers at Costco during the winter season, the only time they carry them. I'll be putting blankets and snacks in the cars soon. We're still in the rainy season. Brr! Enjoy cheering on your man-cub!


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