Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love Dare Day 2 - Kindness

Day 2 (Feb 2) "Love is kind" Eph. 4:32

Kindness inspires you to be agreeable. Instead of being obstinate, reluctant, or stubborn, you cooperate, you stay flexible. Rather than complaining and making excuses, you look for reasons to compromise and accommodate. A kind wife ends thousands of potential arguments by her willingness to listen first rather than demand her way.

I have found in my marriage, the longer and more comfortable we are with one another, it is easy to think that extra kindness does not matter.  It takes effort to overcome the familiar and extend special, heartfelt kindness to our spouse.  But kindness is a beautiful soil to plant for love to bloom in!  May we be diligent to speak and act with kindness.


  1. I've been thinking about that same aspect, that longevity in a relationship doesn't equate with quality. I'm feeling I need to brush up on those basics I was so diligant to follow in the early years of marriage. Thanks for walking me through!

  2. We've been doing the year long devotion to this! It's awesome!!

  3. A little bit of kindness truly does go a LONG way!


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