Thursday, February 24, 2011

Outside My Kitchen Window

Do you ever have those moments that are filled with such joy you just want to capture and cherish them, not matter how simple they may be?
One of those moments came this week for me.  It was Monday, which was a holiday and the weather could not have been more glorious.
I was at the sink washing some mustard greens from the garden, enjoying the fresh air from the open window:


As I looked out the window, I caught a glimpse of my father in law working on the old tractor:


It is almost time to get started on the spring garden and although the old tractor needs much more tending to than it used to, it still gets the job done!

Then the sight of my youngest came across my view:


He’s all boy and loves a ball! 
I couldn’t stay inside any longer, the weather beckoned and the sights needed to be absorbed.


AAWW!  A perfect day and a beautiful moment!  It made my heart overflow with joy over God’s great blessings – home, family, love and His creation! 


  1. You certainly don't live in my neighborhood! I

    We are having a big snowfall, unusual for the PNW, especially in February, so my kids are trying to find enough warm clothing to go outside and play in the snow. But, I can agree with this, we are SO blessed!

  2. WOW - no shirt weather!! And you are sure you live in the US??! I know our day is coming....

    So glad you stopped to enjoy the moment:)

  3. What a beautiful day - and what a special family! Blessings indeed - the Lord has a way of filling up our cups to overflowing!



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