Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Little Attitude Goes A Long Way

What a fantastic weekend our family had!!  First of all my husband who often works weekends was off, which always make the weekend extra special.  But we did a few special things too. We rreceived free tickets to go to a local rodeo and had dinner out at my favorite restaurant before the rodeo.  The next day was much simpler, but still special.  We had family from out of town (my brother and sister in law) come for a visit and also got a start on the spring garden.

Although most of the things I cherished were simple, it was my attitude and purpose to seek the Lord and be thankful for the little things that made the difference.

Our company popped in unannounced, so I didn't have time to stress over whether the house was in perfect shape,but simply welcomed them in, relaxed with them on the back porch amidst the pollen dust, dog toys and dead plants!  My sister in law and I took a quick trip to Wal Mart to pick up a few things and simply enjoyed one another's company.  Later that evening my husband wanted to plant some tomato plants before dark.  As dusk approached, we quickly ran to the garden and worked together digging into the dirt to set the plants while watching for the supermoon to rise!  My attitude of helping to complete a task instead of irritation of being rushed greatly helped make it a special time!

 It was a fantastic reminder of how important our focus and attitude can be.  Whether it is doing the daily tasks around the house, welcoming company or simply living our life, a good attitude and heart tuned in to receive and recognize the beauty of God's gifts make things special. 

 This week which will be filled with ordinary things such as planting the garden, homeschooling,doctor appointments and baseball practice will hopefully be entered with open eyes and open hearts.  That is my plan to help make my home sing.

 Here is my list of a few gifts from God last week:
  • Baseball field sunsets
  • Pursuing and learning about new interests (herb workshop) and being able to get some hands on practice
  • Admiring flowers in the Lowe's garden center with my sister in law
  • Plant tomatoes at dusk
  • Sitting on the steps watching the 'supermoon' rise
  • Back porch visits with family
Wherever this week finds you, may you be purposeful to look out for God's gifts and blessings!.

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  1. I so appreciate your attitude of looking for God's goodness in even the little - especially in the little things! What a nice weekend you had..and thanks for sharing it with us - and giving the Lord the glory:)

    Wasn't that supermoon just beautiful??!

  2. What a great encouragement to have the right outlook!

  3. So true, my friend! Our attitude has a huge affect not only on others but on ourselves as well! A cheerful, thankful heart can make even the hardest task easier!

    Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

  4. Yes, out attitudes can make or break the atmosphere! I'm an expert at 'breaking' things!


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