Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Power of Scent

Scent is one of the most powerful senses.  Aroma can instantly set a mood or atmosphere.  Most of us upon inhaling a certain fragrance can instantly bring up a fond memory of a certain time or place.  Scent is powerful! 

Here are a few ways we can harness the power of scent in our daily lives:

1. Embrace Change
Avoid the impulse to stick with the same fragrance day in and day out. Instead, keep things interesting and choose a scent based on the occasion, the season or even your mood.

2. Think Big (or Small)
Light scents can make a space feel more expansive, and dark, rich aromas create a feeling of coziness. To make a room feel larger, try cucumber, aloe vera or citrus fragrances. For the opposite affect, opt for spicy, woodsy or sweet scents.

3. Rely on the Beauty of Nature
Bring natural aromas from the great outdoors inside the home. Use lavender oil as a cleanser and foul odor eliminator, pine and cherry branches to evoke the scents of the seasons, and rose as a relaxing mood enhancer.

4. Start Each Day Scent-ually
Inhaling the right aroma in the morning can literally make your day. To get off on the good start try rubbing a few drops of essential oil in your hands first thing in the morning and then cupping your hands around your face and breathing deeply for 30-90 seconds. Herbal and citrus scents such as orange, lemon, thyme and sage are good choices.

For more information about the power of scents see Scents of Wonder. 


  1. I love simmering spices in a pot of water on my stove. It makes the whole house smell so wonderful!!! Dried oranges, cloves and cinnamon...it's wonderful.

  2. I usually have a candle tart that I have going each day. I have an apple pie one going presently. :)

  3. I have always enjoyed different smells - and I am amazed at how they can affect my moods. I find that the smell of candles with cinnamon or tree-smells really make me happy!


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