Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Word Filled Wednesday–Draw Near


Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.
James 4:8


So often in our lives we are bombarded with issues, trials and circumstances beyond our control. Things can get so overwhelming at times that we feel as if we are helpless and spinning out of control.  As we desperately grasp for a firm foothold, or a way to get things together we are often reminded of how delicate, weak and helpless we can be on our own.

When those times come, the Lord is the only sure foundation.  In His Word are treasures of truth that will equip us and enable us to move forward in troublesome times.  In the midst of our feelings of helplessness and not sure of what to do next, if we make the first step to “draw near to God”, we have His promise that He will draw near to us. What a simple and powerful truth that can make the most challenging situation turn around.  With God’s strength, power and grace, things change.  The circumstance may be the same, but He changes us and fills us with His nearness. 

Of course this verse in not only for troublesome times!  Daily may it be our prayer, through good times and bad, to draw near to Him and let His nearness fill us and equip us. 


  1. AMEN to that! Have a wonderfully blessed WFW!

  2. amen...great reminder for me today..

  3. Ohhh AMEN! and thank You Lord for such Words of wisdom in this message! praise You Lord for Joyfull! May her JOY be FULL each day in You as she speaks forth with such beauty and eloquence.

    Your Word for us in James invites us to draw near! Thank You for drawing us near.

    Yes Lord! May we draw near! I ask that Joyfull draws near! I thank You that this promise tells us that You will draw near to us as we draw You!
    So I thank You and praise You for that closeness!

    How precious is this flower and the dewdrops or rain drops! A symbol of Your delicate love for Joyfull and us as we draw ever so near. When we are as delicate or maybe even weak, is when we desire to climb up on Your lap and hear Your sweet words or just sit in Your presence. May Joyfull enJOY that with You whenever she needs this... and takes the time to draw near! Thank You Lord for her sweetness and love for You!
    Thank You for the beauty of the treasures Joyfull shares this Word Filled Weds.

    Thank You Lord for Your grace, power and strength that brings forth changes in good times and in bad, Joyfull and I draw near!!!

  4. Such a simple but profound verse. We must dare to approach the throne of grace; the way is open through Christ, and grace is freely offered. Love it!

    Happy WFW, Joyfull. ღ

  5. So true... "The circumstance may be the same, but He changes us and fills us with His nearness." He promises to get us through the hard times and to rejoice with us and it's His "nearness" that we sense and rest in. Thank you... great WFW!

  6. Just shared this with a friend last night...she was just burdened and I directed her to these very words...beautiful..

  7. Amen, enjoyed your post along with the verse. I truly want to draw near to God as I need Him to draw near to me.

  8. A beautiful picture to go with a beautiful promise! I had to linger and soak this in a bit today.


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