Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Herbal Vinegar

Lately I have taken a keen interest in  herbs! I went to Lowe's purchased a few varieties of herb plants and planted them in a container. The library had some great books with tips on growing and using them.  I'm doing some experimenting  and Herbal vinegar seemed like something easy to do, so I jumped in and gave it a try!

To make Rosemary Garlic Vinegar, you simply place chopped fresh rosemary and peeled and chopped garlic cloves into a glass jar.  Fill this jar with white wine vinegar, cover and store in a dark place (such as a cabinet) for at least 10 days, shaking a few times a week.  Then you strain the vinegar, place a sprig of rosemary in a decorative jar and pour herbal vinegar over it.

I gave this a try and it was finished a few days before our county fair.  Feeling inspired and courageous, I entered the vinegar in the fair.  It won a second place ribbon!!!  Trust me, if I can do it.....you can do it!

Some uses for herbal vinegar include salad dressings, giving extra zing to vegetables or use wherever vinegar is called for. These may also make good homemade gifts! 

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