Monday, May 30, 2011

Minty Fresh Texture

Earlier this year, I decided to try my hand at growing some herbs.  Through research and advice from trusted gardeners, I learned that mint is one of the hardiest herbs around.  It is a fast grower, easy to please and hard to kill.  Just my type!

Today’s Tuesday Texture challenge is to share a garden photo with texture added.  Here is my pot of mint thriving and beautiful!

My ‘technique’ is a little different.  I open several textures that I liked and then tried them out.  Stained Linen, Warm Vignette and Chamomile were the textures used most with the soft light blending mode or until the desired effect was achieved.



  1. Mint condition! {sorry, couldn't resist} It's a beautiful photo:)

  2. I planted a bunch of herbs in a washtub and planted a washboard in the back. I thought I was genius, until I realized I couldn't remember what they all are. NOW, I plant each herb in a separate pot and label them. Now, if I can just remember to use them...

    Momma Mindy

  3. Mint rocks! I love putting fresh picked leaves in dishes!


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