Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Woman I Want To Be

I have a crazy confession to share today!  Although I am perfectly comfortable with who I am, there is this desire to be a little bit like some other type of people. 

One is a pioneer woman:
I would love to walk around in a dress and bonnet, with the charm and elegance of a pioneer woman!  But the heat and humidity here in the south quickly draw me out of my daydreams and into a pair of modern day apparel - shorts!
As my interest in herbs is continuing to grow, I would love to be like Shoshanna from The Bulk Herb Store.  She has fields of herbs readily available paired with the knowledge to use them to cook, heal, cleanse anything that comes up.   But space, expense and time hinder me from being the herbalist I long to be!                       

After my third child was born, I went to an Above Rubies workshop.  There I learned much about natural living, godly mothering, homemaking and nutrition.  These women have large families, eat all natural (usually home grown, organic food), homeschool, birth at home and are truly wives and mothers who are Far Above Rubies!  But my hectic life style again doesn't seem to allow the freedom to go this route - it is just not me!  But from their website, I glean much knowledge and wisdom that works for me in my life.

But in the last few years, some changes occurred in my life and some subtle interests that are forming me with the characteristics of the woman I desire to be.  This year I left my part time job and we began homeschooling.  Being home leaves me more time to devote to keeping my home.  Baking bread, cooking from scratch, tending to flowers etc. are things I am enjoying doing.

This spring with the help of my husband and in laws, we have a fantastic garden growing.  Earlier this year when a surplus of green beans arrived, I learned about how to can vegetables.  I'm living off the land in a manageable way!

Lowe's and Wal Mart sell herbs ready to plant.  After planting a few, I now have fresh herbs which I'm learning to cook with and with the help of various books from the library, learning other uses for them.  While not Shoshanna, this is what works for me!

The Bulk Herb Store has pre packaged herbs and with their help, I have made salves, tinctures and enjoy a cup of herbal tea each afternoon!

Oh, and my dress?  At a local thrift store, I found several handmade, light cotton, flowing dresses, perfect for summer and for that feminine look I love!  The look of vintage womanhood, but in today's material and style!

It recently became clear, although I will never be anyone else (and don't want to be), God has given me the desires of my heart!  And they work perfectly with my lifestyle and are a blessing to my home and family.

Now the purpose of this post is not to tell what I have done, but what God is able to do through even me.  I can do nothing on my own, but He can take my weaknesses and hopes and dreams and fulfill His plan in my heart and life and yours. As we have desires in our heart, He alone can breathe them into being.  What do you desire?  Is it an attitude, an interest or hobby, an improvement in a certain area?  When we pray and follow our God given passions, He will open doors that not only  bless us, but are used for us to be a blessing.   May you follow your heart and pursue your God Given desires!

Delight yourself also in the LORD, And He shall give you the desires of your heart. Psalms 37:4


  1. My heart lies in those areas too, I love the feminine look always, hugs

  2. I watch the Little House on the Prairie and wish I could live in that kind of town with all the ladies looking feminine and more family oriented and taking care of themselves with very little from a store. But, I don't live in that era. God has worked in my life very much like yours, a step at a time. It's funny how we get to a place and never see the change ourselves until someone else says it and then we look back and see that we too came that road and there is a change now.

  3. Love this post. You have captured how I feel so often. I too would love to live the simple life in bonnets and living off the land. But I think I forget how much hard work it was for them, it wasn't all dreamy and wonderful like I imagine itto be! But like you, I love incorporating the vintage principles and elements into our modern life. We can't turn back time, but we can learn from it! Looking forward to reading and seeing more about this journey for you :)


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