Monday, June 6, 2011

Texture Tuesday–Words

The theme for today’s Texture Tuesday is “Words”.  That is one of my favorite things!! I love to write, talk, share quotes and read.  Words are wonderful!

But as a Christian, God’s Word is the most important thing to read.  Unlike regular words that are read or spoken, God’s Word can be imprinted on our hearts and lived out in our life.  In the Bible we find grace, mercy, comfort, help and guidance.  When His Words are written on our heart, we have life and hope to sustain us and love and grace to extend to others. 

Old Florida Museum 104verse

This picture was taken at a museum and then edited with a vintage/sepia tone and  “Paper Stained” texture added. 



  1. I think it's great to find theese hearts all over the world!
    Greeting from such a heart in Germany,

  2. Love this Joy!!! Don't you just LOVE playing with these textures!?

    peace girl!

  3. how wonderful... really .....
    thank you for linking up with TT..... xxo, kim


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