Sunday, July 24, 2011

Media and Our Parenting

Today's Media Monday's topic is "Media and Our Parenting".  This encompasses a whole lot of area!!!  As a parent, I became a 'huge media fan' when my third child was still a baby. I went to an Above Rubies conference and received a new vision to parenting.  That day began a journey towards understanding the blessing and significance of mothering, being a wife and a keeper of the home.  I found out that Above Rubies had Yahoo Group where ladies share through email, encouragement for being a woman who fears the Lord and loves her family.  Several times a day, I would sit at the computer learning how to become a better wife and mother.  New online friends were made and a new fascination was formed.  But the time spent on the computer didn't put those fantastic ideas into motion!  "Keeping house' doesn't happen on the computer!  But I did grow in the Lord and in His wisdom as I began to limit my computer time and put into practice what I was learning!  It turned out for the good, but only as balance was applied.  The Internet offers an abundance of parenting helps and as a new homeschool mother, a wealth of information is available.  But I always keep the thought that resources must be applied to be effective!

For children, technology has taken off.  Excitement, instant communication and entertainment are at their fingertips...and they know how to use it.  My family is not 'overly technical', but I have been put on hold while talking to my teenage sons when they received another call on their cell phone!  Of course, many dangers also come along with this fantastic new era.  As Christians, values are challenged often and temptation is always near with the things of the world at our fingertips.  In addition to those dangers, our time and the best use of it can  be compromised.  I did some research for online safety and found some interesting articles.

Again, this week after evaluating the good and the bad, we can determine that media offers great blessing as parents along with some dangers to watch out for.  May we first as parents and then pass along to our children the good things of technology while teaching them to beware of falling into dangerous situations.  Balance is again the key!!  Use the good - leave the bad.  "Depart from evil and choose good". 

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  1. Thank you for the link to my blog post "Safety Rules for Facebook". I have 3 daughters and media rules and boundaries will be very important as they grow up.


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