Sunday, July 31, 2011

Media Monday - High Tech Homemakers

Today's Media Monday topic is 'Media and Our Homemaking".  Who would have ever thought of such a connection?  But as I found out in the early days of being a stay at home mom that moms need connections.  They need encouragement and fresh ideas.  All moms are homemakers - called to keep the home. They may work outside the home or stay at home, but none the less - they are usually the ones ultimately in charge of keeping the home.

On the Internet, there are an abundance of resources for any area of homekeeping you may need.  But to lovingly put into action all this housework, I find my attitude needs to be right first.  Why do we keep house, how important is it and who does it affect?

God has called Christian women to be keepers of the home.  It is not just a mediocre, mundane task, but it is a sacred and high calling.  Our homes are our greatest sphere of influence.  It is a place of legacy.  It is the canvas where creativity and individualism soars.  Our homes are probably nothing alike, but are equally important because they are unique, just like us!  There is no right way to keep a home, but what lines up with our goals and atmosphere we seek to provide. Once we understand how important our attitude is, the fun begins!

Homemaking ideas are found everywhere on line.  But if we narrow down to what we want to zone in on, we can become more proficient and productive in our homemaking skills.  Some areas may include:
  • organization
  • crafts
  • cooking
  • sewing
  • canning
  • work at home
 Finding our strengths and identifying any weak areas is a good place to start.  If we struggle with cleaning - the focus may be cleaning schedules, cooking - we can seek out step by step recipes, if we can never find anything - home organization may give us the momentum and change we need. Areas where we excel are places we can hone those skills or share with others and encourage them. 

Media and homemaking can go hand in hand.  But we don't need to get overwhelmed finding what works for us. Making a home is more than housework, it is our attitude of love and extension of grace, first to our family then as we open our home in  hospitality. Media can help us learn, grow and be a blessing.  Just remember that most of the work actually gets done 'off the computer'!!


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  1. Attitude is everthing...agree, agree. Even cleaning a toilet bowl is important and something we can learn to do with a cheerful heart....God asks us to do the best with the task at hand, whether glamorous or not.

  2. Boy, that's for sure, lol! The computer can suck all your time and none of the work will get done!

    I love your idea about sharing with others in the areas that we excel! I've learned lots of good stuff from others who are better in those areas than I am, and vice versa I hope. Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!


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