Saturday, July 30, 2011

Newspaper Worthy From My Neighborhood

Although we live in the country and most times things are pretty quiet, last weekend we had some major action!  A neighbor who drives a semi stopped home since he was traveling through the area while  on a run – only to check his mail.  As he approached his home, his truck started filling up with smoke and became engulfed in flames.  He got out safely, but the flames, smoke and exploding sounds brought the neighborhood out. 
Here are the photos from our local newspaper:

Fully engulfed:


Dying down some:


Finally the end result:

We are thankful no other damage was done to lives or homes.  The truck has been replaced and he is back on the road.  Thank you, Lord for your protection and grace.


  1. Oh my gosh, how terrifying. I am so thankful the driver go out of that car.

  2. So thankful he stopped to get the mail so he was out of the truck and not on the road when the fire started. I'm also thankful for insurance, the truck was destroyed. A great reminder to pray for truckers and people driving on summer vacations...


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