Thursday, August 18, 2011

"I Was Just Making Sure You Were There"

Every morning my youngest son calls out from his bed, "Mama".  After I answer he says the same thing every day, "I was just making sure you were there."  I always am.  If a rare occasion arises when I'm not, his daddy is - we would never leave him alone. 

It blesses this mama's heart to know that  I can provide security and comfort.  I also know that he won't always wake with this as his first thought.  So for today, I put this blessing down on the August Gratitude List to cherish and remember these moments.

What if as Christian women, our first rising call would be to our Heavenly Father?  "I was just making sure You were there". Of course, we know He is, but for most women, their waking thoughts immediately give way to what needs to be done today and how little time we have to accomplish it. What a difference it would make in our day if our first thoughts were of the Lord and reminding and reassuring ourselves that He is indeed there and ready to help us with anything and everything we need for the day.   

I learned two new terms today that I want to keep constant in my heart and live out in daily life. "A Sanctuary Frame of Mind" is being quiet and still before God. It can be when we are alone with Him or in the middle of our hectic days.  It is the purposeful stilling our mind and  heart before Him, stop our inner turmoil, pressing worries and anxieties and realize that God is in control and He loves us. "Constant Communion" is a reminder that the Holy Spirit is in our lives.and willing to speak, direct and guide us at any time. He is always there.  It is often my own choosing to focus on the other voices and demands calling out and vying for my attention.  

May each morning bring His new mercies in our lives and may we purposefully seek that sanctuary frame of mind and been in constant communion with Him.  Walking daily with the Lord secures our steps on this path of life.


  1. My son does that! Actually mid day I used to call his name if I didn't hear him. He'd answer and I'd say "Just making sure." A few months ago I heard "Mommy..." I answered and he said "Just makin' sure!" LOL It made me smile all day!

  2. My little girl has been doing this for years, but usually more in a frightful way. I was always a little surprised that she would think I would abandon her, but since you are thinking spiritually here, maybe the Lord is surprised when we think He is abandoning us? Loved the thought of constantly communing with Him...

  3. How sweet! and a precious thought and reminder for us as well! I will hold onto this in my heart for quite awhile!


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