Sunday, August 7, 2011

Media and Our Friendshps

Today's Media Monday topic is "Media and Our Friendships" and will probably be my favorite one!!  Media Mondays offer the opportunity to reflect and share how media and technology have affected our lives as Christian women. 

Women need friendships.  They need connection.  C.S. Lewis said “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one”.  At their best, friendships are a gift. They’re supportive, honest, uplifting and sometimes they can even be a lifesaver. There’s nothing like having a close friend to rely on, get advice from, shed our tears with and share our trials and tribulations with. A healthy friendship can often be our anchor in a storm.

Friendships take time and effort.  In our lives today, dropping by a friend's house for cake, coffee and conversation doesn't happen very often.  We're busy, other demands are calling us and our friendships get put on hold.  What's the answer?

Technology opens up other avenues between friends!  Email, texting, facebook, twitter brings us that connection in an instant!  Reading blogs brings us up to date with far away friends and family and allows us a peek into their daily lives. 

Some great benefits of technology and our friendships may include:
  • more communication - through Facebook, I connect with other women through the week I would not usually see
  • quick opportunities to check in - an email sent to a friend in the midst of a busy week shows our care and concern
  • time saving - sometimes my next door neighbor and I communicate through email when a long phone conversation is not an option
  • sharing resources - a fellow homeschool mom and I share resources with each other with just a click
  • greater connection - reaching out as a Titus 2 woman with kind comments and encouragement
Blogging has opened up a whole new variety of friendships.  I have been so blessed and encouraged by online friends in many areas. 
  • Although I've never met Kelly - I've been 'friends' with her since the birth of her two children
  • Ann gives me a dose of spiritual encouragement and resources that stretch me as a Christian wife and mother
  • Sally is a true Titus 2 woman, teaching me how to love my husband,children and home
  • And there are many more!!
 But as much as a blessing technology brings to friendships, true face to face contact and sharing cannot be replaced.  May we be wise in using our media to stay connected but never use it as a replacement of a true friend.  Let your friends know what a blessing they are on line and make it a point to share - in person!! 



  1. Luv your C S Lewis quote. Good connections are what friendship is about, ie connecting to people like you via blogging :)

  2. Love this post and I adored the C.S. Lewis quote! I, too, have found special friends from blogging.


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