Monday, August 29, 2011

Tuesday’s “Orange” Texture

The theme for today’s Texture Tuesday is “Orange”.  The thought was since autumn is coming, it was a perfect opportunity to show some orange. 
In our area, the leaves don’t change colors and fall weather is still months away!  Today, the temperature hit 100!  So, I had to look pretty hard for something orange!

My oldest son was wearing an orange shirt (football season is a sure sign of fall around here) and was working on his fishing reel.  After some adjustments to give the photo a vintage feel, I added the textures Mayzee and Serendipity, then used the eraser to bring back some of the orange color.  Not exactly autumn orange, but it’s the orange that’s going on around here!



  1. OH how I love fall and all of the fall colors! Here in SC, we get some of the best colors of the fall season! It's my favorite! Now you've got me thinking about fall! I'm ready to carve an pumpkin and drink hot apple cider! Ahh.....Great pic!

  2. I had to go with orange clothes too -- way to early for fall here although we have been blessed with cooler weather. I love how you caught your son's hands. It's a lovely image nicely enhanced by the textures!

    Happy Texture Tuesday!

  3. Oh, I do love the vintage feel of the orange shirt....a perfect backdrop for his busy hands!

  4. This is a neat picture. Happy Tuesday!

  5. Visiting from "Texture Tuesday". I do love the vintage feel of your photo BUT...I do NOT like your choice of orange (of course, I am a Penn State Nittany Lion so I am a bit biased, haha!). Lovely photo and texture.


  6. I love this! I love just the orange shirt with the rest of the shot being old and faded looking.
    beautiful work!

  7. Love how you gave it that vintage feel to it. It's still hot where I live too, and I so can't wait for Fall (not that I get to see any Fall colors), but I do love the crispness in the air. Go Gators?


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