Thursday, September 15, 2011

Courage Prayers For Our Sons

It has been said that sons hold your hand for a short time, but will hold your heart forever.  As a mom to three sons, this surely rings true!

For years I have prayed for my sons.  The tools of prayer calendars, biblical prayers, qualities to pray for children and others found a place in a notebook and are refereed to often.  Of course the greatest 'mommy prayer' is for their safety and protection.  Any mom will understand that one!

This year, another prayer need for sons has been brought to light in my heart, but it is not so pleasant.  The need for COURAGE.  All boys and men need courage.  But courage is not taught in words, but gained through action - tough action that only that little boy can do.  Mom can't hold his hand and walk him through it, but she must sit on the sidelines as courage develops in the heart and mind and a battle is fought and conquered - on his own. Courage grows as fears are faced and overcome.  This is not an easy characteristic to build, but as that little boy grows, courage is vital. 

"Good timber does not grow with ease. The stronger the wind the stronger the trees". - Williard Marriott

This spring our youngest son who is 10 played baseball.  On an opposing team there was a pitcher who threw an extremely fast ball.  He was so fast, the first time the teams played, only a handful of our guys were able to hit the balls he pitched.  My son was nervous, but got up there and swung the bat and actually hit it!  The next time the teams played, fear paralyzed my son. He got up to bat, dissolved in tears and no words of encouragement would help him or get him to face the pitch. The last time they played, it was the championship little league game.  My son had determined in his heart that he would get up to bat.  He did, he hit the ball and he grew some courage in his heart from making his mind up to face this fear and conquer it.

Our other sons are nearly grown and within the next year or so, will be out on their own. As much as that terrifies me and saddens me to have them leave, they must be equipped to face life on their own. Courage is a must.  Coddling, being sentimental will feed my feelings, but will do nothing to equip them as they face the challenges and trials of life.  Courage and being strong in spirit will sustain them as they face decisions on their own (without asking mom!), as they fight temptations and journey down the paths set before them. 

These prayers, although perhaps hard right now, will yield a lifetime of benefits and a lasting legacy.  Some prayers for our sons may include for them:
  • To 'be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might'.
  • To be courageous in all situations ("I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me").
  • To be strong in heart.  Never compromising, but always be in prayer and receive guidance from the Lord.
  • To seek wisdom and understanding from the Lord.
  • To be diligent, to ponder their paths and not be led astray.
  • To be overcomers through faith and God's Word.
  • To be responsible for their own actions, to accept and grow from instruction.
  • To have deep spiritual roots.  By keeping God's Word in their heart, may they follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in all circumstances.
  • To depart from evil and do good.

Those were just a few things I pray for my sons.  There is a powerful resource 21 Days of Prayer For Sons, which I am planning to purchase.  The ebook Warrior Prayers sounds like a fantastic tool as we pray for strength and courage for our sons.



  1. This is so encouraging! I have one adult son living on his own and one teenage son at home. You words are so true...thanks for giving me a few more specific things to pray for.

  2. thanks for sharing friend is just what i need children we see our old lifes back in them.. i pray.. i do need prayers.. my son isnt safe yet.. all has being done my husband and i already talk a lot with him.. now its only patiences that the lord touch him..thanks god bless you


Thank you for sharing your commment. It is a joy and blessing to hear from you and your words are appreciated.